We are one of the best production House in INDIA...
KK Media Group is a growing production house based in Mumbai Maharashtra (India), which specializes in the making TV serials, Ad film and Documentaries since last 25 years in Indian Film Industries.

KK Media Group produces TV Serials in Hindi and other regional languages for Indian channels since last 10 years.

As a reigning expert in the TVC. medium along with being credited by many to have polarized and changed the face of the Indian television, we are committed to being proactive visionaries to stay ahead of the competition.

We have produced some TV Serials like…Daag, Kudiyan Jawan te baapu pareshaan, Zara inse miliye, Bach ke rahana, Chum chum chan na, M Marathi cha, ATM Society, Byanjon Barno and currently "Mahakavi Goswami Tulsidas" after having these experience from Mumbai now expounding our business and set up the office in Kolkata also for doing the Bengali show, like (TV Serials, events and all other service which we are giving from Mumbai).

Vision: Mr. Sanjay A. Singh has flourished for more than a decade now and served many TV Serials, Ad Films.

As we look to further our growth and continued success.

If you or your organization have a story to tell, an idea to share or word to spread, the KK Media Group can help you bring it to life.
Sanjay A. Singh Chairman & Managing Director
Sanjay A. Singh Chairman & Managing Director
Sanjay A. Singh
Sanjay A. Singh, the Chairman and managing director of KK Media Group, is a well-known producer and a creative editor. In 15 years of his editing career he has edited many serial with well-known directors and producers.
A creative producer who works on story, concept character and all other creative aspect with the writers and directors. As a producer, Sanjay A. Singh has worked continuously for the enhancement of KK Media and desires to produce a multitude of TV serials for various channels in future. He also envisions a foray into films for KK Media and plans to tap Bollywood completely.
Yogesh Shankar Deshmukh, the Partner of KK Media Group. He has 22 years experienced in Media Industries as Investor and Event Organizer in India. Know he is planning to organize events Dubai, UAE. He has Real Estate business in Pune.
He could easily be seen playing the dreamy lead man in any of our, the man has an astute managical mind, backed up by years on the production floor managing all kinds of small and large format shows.
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KK Media Group has experience across multiple genres from documentaries, to corporate films, music videos, narrative fiction, non fiction, commercials and film.
We can film your project whether it is a commercial advertise, a short film or a documentary film. We have expertise in these fields.
KK Media Group has experience across multiple genres and delivering the best show in multi languages being social drama, comedy, film based, suspense thriller, horror and reality show…
A film is an idea. It needs passion, talent and loads of experience to bring it to life. And this is what KK Media group has been doing from 10 years with the experience of 25 years from the same field.